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Elena Giampaolino

Elena Giampaolino, the owner the Isla Diving, was born in Rome and since she was a little girl she loves the sea and she likes to explore the ocean, spending entire summers in the water. At 16 she started to dive with the scuba and followed the PADI's Open Water Diver Course; from that moment she decided never to stop diving. She continued her training to become a PADI Divemaster and SSI Instructor. Her job as an instructor gives her a lot of satisfaction and she finds a great joy in transmitting to others, young and old, her love for diving. Enthusiastic teacher, her students not only learn the technique, but become captivated by her passion. Elena has also a degree in Psychology of children, adolescents and families; she is a Family Mediator and a Gestalt Counselor and has had several experiences in social work. Scuba Wellness Instructor, she uses the diving experience as a psycho-education mean also directed to rehabilitation and wellness. Tireless DiveGuide, it's so hard to pull her out of the water! Slender but mighty... do not underestimate her power! She loves to hop on the boat's tubular and perform amazing dips!

Paolo Tealdo

Paolo Tealdo, vice president of the Italian Federation of Teaching Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities (Fipsas), is an instructor and dive guide of enormous experience, skillful connoisseur of the backdrops of St. Peter's Island. Someone says that class is not water... for him it is just the opposite, and this is a source of pride! He teaches Fipsas old-style. His marine fighter zest has softened since he became an instructor of instructors and the president of the Cavanesians's Diving Club of Ivrea. Realizing that diving is no longer what it once was, he embraced the recreational aspects that the discipline has to offer. To be at the top during the dry-activities, full of dialogue about the aquatics characteristics of female customers, and to earn the privilege of accompanying female scuba-divers in amazing underwater excursions, his helpfulness, kindness and happiness have become proverbial in the Isla Diving team, as his rigorously brief-style swimsuit. He knows how to lead divers to discover the most beautiful diving spots and find all forms of marine life. Nothing can quench his thirst for diving!

Francesca Sarotto

Francesca Sarotto was born in Ivrea in 1991. Like all our guides and instructors, Francesca suffers from an addiction to the aquatic environment from an early age and has no intention of healing. Graduated in Physical education and Sports, during her studies she develops excellent teaching skills and makes this skill her profession. Become a Physical education teacher, instructor of artistic gymnastics and swimming, fitness instructor and summer entertainer for children. In 2013, driven by her passion for water and sea, she obtained the First Scuba Diving License and than continued, determined, her diving career until she became an instructor in 2019. During the summer 2016, the young diver goes to the Island of San Pietro and visits Carloforte for the first time. Despite the beauty of the town, it is the seabed of the island that captures Francesca's heart ... and it is love at first sight! In 2020 she joined the Isla Diving’s staff as an instructor and diving guide. Francesca's characteristics? Her smile is contagious and his radiance, sweetness and patience make adults and children fall in love with her.

Enrico Amerio

Enrico Amerio was born in 1995 in Ravenna. Growing up in Piedmont, on the shores of Lake Orta, he already showed his propensity towards the aquatic world at an early age. In fact, as a child, he began to approach competitive swimming, obtaining important results. Growing up, he never moved away from his natural habitat, turning his passion into a profession and becoming a swimming instructor and lifeguard assistant. During this experience he was able to conduct different kinds of courses: neonatal swimming, swimming for adults with a particular interest for courses dedicated to children with disabilities. After a long period spent working in the social sector as a Coordinator in various centers for asylum seekers, Enrico decides to go to South Africa, where he lived for a year, and there is where the passion for scuba diving has flared up. Enrico embarks on the path that led him to becoming a Divemaster and guiding dives, tenacious and fearless, in the cold and muddy waters of Cape Town. Back in Italy, he decides to devote his time with passion to this sector, joining Isla Diving’s team. Positive and curious, attentive and caring, Enrico will always know how to make you feel safe by guiding you to discover the wonders of our seabeds!

Pamela Bafundi

Pamela Bafundi was born in 1989 in Aprilia. Her passion for the sea spured her to study Natural Sciences. In 2011 she approached scuba diving for the first time and obtained the Open Water Diver patent and then, over the years, many other patents until, in 2018, she become a Stress & Rescue diver. Recently graduated in the master's degree in Marine Biology and Ecology, because of her obsession with the sea, she decides to turn her passion in a job that completes her training; so she decides to become a Divemaster. She defines herself as “a down-to-earth dreamer”, poetic and concrete, insanely balanced, sunny, she loves adventure and exploration, determined and always ready to reach new goals. In 2015, during her experience in the Marina, in the Port Authority of Golfo Aranci, Pamela is literally bewitched by the crystalline waters of Sardinia and then decides to return to the island and discover the island of the island, becoming part of the Isla Diving’s team. Pamela is ready to guide you in your exploration and to accompany you to discover every form of life that you will meet with her in our sea!

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